Saturday, August 25, 2007


Have been listening to Dido since morning. Off late she has become one of my most favorite artists of all time. I simply love her melancholic song "White Flag". Now that none of my posts have ever spoken remotely about love (except my undying affection for my car of course ;) !!), I thought I get all sentimental and pour my heart out on this one. So without further ado (I bet this is the most overused cliché of all times!), let me present you five of my favorite (read "depressing" .. heart break songs!)

  • 1 - Solitude - Black Sabbath
No song I have ever heard can ever depress me to the core like this one! Considering that it comes from a rock band like "Black Sabbath" really shows that everyone cries in a heart break :) !! You can read the lyrics here (sorry no Wikipedia links for lyrics :) !!)

  • 2 - That's why (you go away) - Michael Learns to Rock
This song made me buy the entire CD (not that I repent), but it sure is all sentimental. Sure to cause a involuntary tear out of your eye if you pay attention to the lyrics.

  • 3 - White Flag - Dido
The most sarcastic heart break song I have ever heard. I like it very much, and you have to see the video to see Dido's expressions on this one. Lyrics here

  • 4 - All out of Love - Air Supply
I have a history associated with Air Supply. Its a funny anecdote that I have to share. Around my 15th b'day Air Supply had toured India. Since, I was a kid there was no chance that my parents would allow me to go for a concert. So there I was ranting how much I wished to see them. Finally, my sister decided that she would surprise me with a Air Supply audio cassette (yes, there were no CDs then .. I hadn't seen Windows too, so forget the Internet ...) for my birthday. The sweet sister that she is, she went to the only English music shop that we had in our vicinity, and lo behold, she forgot the name of the artist. She just remembered that they "supplied" something. So there she was in a shop looking for all kinds of supplies. I remember she telling me that she searched for "Oxygen Supply" and "Water Supply" in vain :) . All said and done, I did get the cassette in the end and it is still amongst my most prized possessions !!!
Lyrics here

  • 5 - Smile - Michael Jackson
This is a relatively unknown song by Michael Jackson. I found it in his "History" album. I think this is a cover that he did for a original by some one else. I have always liked him for the complete entertainer that he was. I feel bad for what has happened to him now. Lyrics

So that was my take at the songs that can put me completely down in the dumps for no reason at all. I know I didn't mention many famous senti-songs by Bryan Adams, Lionel Ritchie, Steve Wonder etc. Well, they are so common place now that I don't feel low any longer listening to them.

If you guys have actually gone through all the songs, cheer up ... this is just a blog :) !! Until we meet again...


  1. Its me again. The Lyrics links give some annoying popups. I am sorry about that. I didn't want to paste the lyrics in my blog, didn't know about copyright issues.

    And the Solitude video has nothing in it,just listen to the song :) !!

  2. nice.. some post with title of "Love".

    I'll be glad when you post your favorite romantic songs than love-but-depressing songs.