Monday, August 13, 2007

Night in the city

Gotta confess, I love the look of San Francisco at night. However tired or sleepy I may be, driving down to San Francisco, is always a different experience for me.

I always have the same set routine. Drive down to Pier 39, walk to the breezy wharf. Then drive up north over the Golden Gate bridge to the Lonely Sailor Vista Point and view the city in all its glory. From here, you can see the Alcatraz, Angel Islands, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, Coit Tower and of course the breath taking San Francisco skyline at night. The cold breeze blowing over the bay adds to the chill and the enigma of the entire moment. Since I always go late at night, there are very few people (read tourists) to spoil the mood. The Golden Gate looks magnificent like always. There is something about the bridge that attracts me, no matter how many times I see or drive over it. May be because its the most known landmark of the United States after the Statue of Liberty or may be just because I always feel how the prisoners must have felt when they got a glimpse of the Golden Gate from Alcatraz every night. Imagine how the guys in there must be feeling. Less than a geographical mile to freedom, yet soo impossible to achieve!

After that stop I drive down south and always go over the Crooked street. Not only the street, but the portions of Lombard St approaching it are amongst the most adrenaline pumping drives I have ever had :) !! Its enough to get you back to your senses even if you are a wee-bit sleepy. I love driving over it at night, cause (like you guessed right!) the 5 minute drive takes around an hour and a half (thanks to the tourist-traffic) during the day! Also the steep drops look a lot more scary at night....

Finally, the last stop somehow always is the Coit Tower, before I head back home. The Coit tower gives me a view of the Piers which I love a lot. You can actually see all the piers on the Embarcadero from there. Also I can see the Crooked street from there and admire the road that I just drove over!!

That was my idea of a romantic evening with my car. Of course on my way back, a coffee break somewhere, adds to the charm :) !!


  1. Here is a statistic. This blog happens to be the most "Wikipedia-linked" blog I ever wrote :) !! Well, I had to put in those links for my friends who have not yet been to those places!!

  2. Awesome! you enjoy a lot it seems..

    BUT, why a romantic idea with only a car? ;-)

    Thanks for coming with us all to San Francisco.. And I also drove on the Crooked Street ..yippee

  3. Thanks Krupa! Hope you had fun driving on Crooked street.. And as far as me goin to SF is concerned, no one has to force me :) !!

  4. After reading this I remembered the morning when we had lost the way to Golden Gate.