Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grow with time

I have been cursed to be clumsy since July this year. I have dropped everything and anything that I lay my hands on. So, I have been consciously trying to avoid holding anything nowadays, lest I drop it and cause a mess :) !!

All said and done, I dropped my dear watch a Casio G-shock in the shower today and for a moment missed my heart beat. She (I have decided that all things that I own are going to be of feminine gender from now on :P ... my car, my computer and yes my watch!) has been my faithful companion for approximately 3.5 years now. I know you must be wondering what I was doing with my watch in the shower. Which reminds me, practically the watch has not been off my hand ever since the time that I bought it. May it be while I am swimming, bathing, cleaning, working out or just generally being clumsy, the watch stays on.

It stays upto its reputation of the toughest watch in the world, and with a solar panel, it never even would need a battery replacement. This has got me thinking on a new business idea ;) !! Let me explain....

Casio should tie up with all the hospitals that deliver babies all around the world. Immediately after the baby is delivered depending on whether its a boy or a girl, a watch should be put around its wrist. The parents can ofcourse choose the kind of watch that they want to put on their baby's hand. So along with the name, the genes and the fat cells, parents also get to choose their baby's watch. Now to make it more useful, we could have some other defaults embedded into it like the kid's SSN, its Passport no., blood group etc etc. Also a built in RFID tag would make it more geeky and we could program more things into it as and when required. It should also be designed to grow along with the kid. With interchangeable face plates and other whiz-bang, it will be a product of the future! Haah, I can only pat myself for the amazing ideas that I come up with :) !!

And here is a thought for the day --- do not write a blog when you are dripping wet right out of the shower, cause your chair will get soggy .... God should have given us the amazing shaking power of a dog. So right after my shower I shake myself crazy and there I am dry and ready to rock :) !!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Diwali

A very happy Diwali to all of you and I wish you have a healthy and prosperous year ahead.