Thursday, May 29, 2008


So bowling has caught on me lately. Not because I like that game, but because every one of my friend is crazy about it, and it is the only decent game that we can play in the evenings without getting sweaty.

My bowling skills are breathtaking. I can throw the ball in the gutter from any angle. I guess I am so good at it that I can probably aim for the gutter blind-folded. I know you guys must be smirking at the fact that I can't even bowl. But you got me completely wrong.

I am gonna start a new organization called PCBP - Prevention of Cruelty to Bowling Pins (pervert minded souls - stop making other *meaningful* acronyms out of it :P) Imagine a job in which you have to stand miserably close to each other for 8 hours a day, only to be hit by a huge ugly ball 5 times your weight! If you are not hit in the first chance, the other employees that fell are cleared off the floor and you are made to stand alone, facing the huge bull charging at you. No lunch breaks, no tea breaks, no meetings, not even appraisals. Do the same thing over and over again every day of your life!

Every time that I stand to bowl, I see the harmless pins waiting in anticipation of the agony that they are going to be meted out, and my heart goes out to them. I can't change their life, but I can definitely not cause pain to them. That's the reason why I throw the ball in the gutter. Next time that any of you comes bowling with me, stop laughing at me, and think about the Pins... I may not become a Lettuce Lady, but I definitely feel for them (for the pins I meant :P).

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Man - The Movie

So I took my dad for the Iron Man movie. Dad was perplexed, horrified and spent rest of the day thinking how could the Iron Man do all that. Here is a gist of the conversation that we had during the movie:

Dad: How can he create a source of energy so small (arc reactor!), in a cave in Afghanistan when he couldn't build it (that miniature!) in his own laboratory in the United States?
Me: Dad, he is a superhero!

Dad: How can he withstand a Shell fired from a Tank?
Me: Dad, he is a superhero!

Dad: How can he break the sound barrier?
Me: Dad, he is a superhero!

Dad: Why is this popcorn making me light-headed?
Me: Dad, you are watching a superhero movie, it happens!

Finally at the end of the movie...

Dad: Isn't that noise something you play a million times at home?
Me: Yes, Dad thats "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath, one of my favorite songs of all times!

Conclusion: Don't take a technically minded, analytical dad to a superhero movie, especially when the hero can fight terrorists, fly, dodge missiles, lift cars, break the speed of sound and also fall in love with Gwyneth Paltrow all while wearing an exoskeleton made of some bizarre metal. As for me, hmmm I loved the movie, amazing special effects, great body suit and nice fight sequences. And the title track rocks!! And people call my generation stupid!

Here is Iron Man by Black Sabbath:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Turn off your computer!

I bet the blog title sounds funny to be coming from me! Yeah, yeah, I did not literally mean turn it off right now! If there is one thing that really irks me off in the office, it has to be the people who never turn off their computers after office hours!! The most common arguments that I have heard from people keeping the computers on at night is:

  • I might have to log in from home!
  • It takes a lot of time to boot my computer in the morning!
  • The life of the computer reduces if it is turned on and off every night :) !!

I couldn't have heard sillier excuses than the ones given above. I understand that people at times do need to log in from home. But most of the times we know before hand if we might need to log in, and it never happens everyday. So much for the first excuse!!

And if someone does believe in the myth that the computer's lifetime reduces because of it being turned on and off everyday, its completely baseless. Keeping the computer on throughout the night however does reduce its lifetime! And most computer equipment today is designed so robust, that it generally out lasts its useful life!

Well, what initiated this post you ask? I came across this article today about 50 ways in which we can help the planet. And I thought I do my bit by blogging about it. Do check out the link, some places we all can contribute!!

50 ways

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Have you ever wondered that we inevitably start our day by procrastinating getting up by repeatedly snoozing every day? So the root cause of major suffering for mankind today is the pitiful "snooze" button on your alarm clock. To fight world hunger, poverty and the energy problem, first we should learn to get out of the bed on time every time :) !!

I have perfected the art of snoozing, and today was like the worst day of my life. I snoozed from 05:30 AM to 06:30 AM 1 hour straight. Considering that my alarm snoozes only for 9 minutes, thats a whooping 6 times!! So much for wasted time that I could have better spent elsewhere.

Snoozing is an addiction. You set your alarm clock only with the intention of snoozing yourself to glory. I mean, I could have easily gained that calm deep sleep without snoozing if I had set my alarm for the final time that I really intended to get up. But no, not me, I derive pleasure out of the 9 minutes of bliss that I get before the alarm goes off again!!