Saturday, September 30, 2017

Anti-social Media

Sometime almost a year ago, I felt depressed, demotivated and very sad with where my life was headed. I decided that Social Media was turning me dumber, and I was wasting a lot of time on things that didn't matter to me.

I deleted my Twitter and Facebook account in one shot and got rid of the social media addiction that I had developed. Now I no longer get to see my friend's babies, their travel routines, and how much fun they are having. My real-life friends are still in touch with me, and then I occasionally reach out to distant people whom I miss.

Deleting Facebook was the best thing I could have done to my time. I magically garnered at least 1 hour of time on weekdays and a solid 3+ on weekends. I never ran out of data on my phone, other than that one time I had to tether for work related stuff. That, along with the fact that I didn't have to be jealous of anyone else's awesome life, really helped.

Over the years I have realized that I can't wane myself away from stupid addictions unless I really discipline myself by taking extreme steps. This doesn't mean that I don't waste time anymore. It's just that my new time drain is Reddit.