Sunday, August 19, 2007

Holy Cow!

Sorry folks! This blog has been in draft state for more than 2 weeks. I keep it any longer and I bet I will forget I ever did that! So here it comes (as it existed in my draft)...

This weekend I finally did something fun. A few of us drove up North along the Pacific and visited a couple of State Parks and beaches. Thought I write it down so that all you guys get jealous of what I did :) !!

Like all excursions that I plan, I usually visit the place before hand on Google Earth. This helps me to know what to look for when I finally reach my destination. Also if you use the community tagging layer in Google earth, you actually discover a lot of interesting information about that place, stuff that you wont find in travel books..

Anyways, we *planned* to start at 7:30 AM in the morning and like all other plans of ours, were still @ home 8:15 AM. However, a 45 minute delay is good by all standards and we hit the road immediately after that. The drive up north is pretty treacherous and I gave my roomie the pleasure of driving on Highway 1. So he happily drove the car while I generally did the task of being a good co-passenger: skip songs which he likes but I don't, karaoke with the rest of the songs, fiddle around with all the controls that I can find in the car and generally annoy him to the core. Yupp, I also like to open up the map and trace the road on which we are driving. This act of mine also drives my roomie nuts, cause I keep on telling which road is going to intersect us next :) !! All this helps him not to fall asleep (not that he does!) and generally raises his temperature. Once he is red hot, I break an egg on his head and have scrambled eggs for breakfast!! I know, I know, enough of my foolish jokes!

So the first stop was a beach (Dillon Beach). The problem with the beaches that I have visited along the coast of California is that the water is pretty cold, and if that was not enough, there is always a chilly wind blowing. So even if you have the urge to jump into the water, the moment you do you are frozen like a ice cube. Then you need to sit in your car and thaw yourself for a while before you can start doing anything again. We did hang around there for a while, with several unsuccessful attempts of getting "used" to the water in vain. Finally, we did what we can do best. Fool around in front of the camera, take photos with the beach in the background (been there done that!). Life is all about orkut now. Every photo taken is critically examined to study its feasibility as a profile photo on orkut!

Anyways, from Dillon beach we headed north to Bodega Bay. Nothing I can write about what we did there. To describe 2 hours in one sentence, we further froze to death. We further got tanned. Yupp, forgot to mention, even though it is cold everywhere, the sun tans you all the while. Hehe, a million years from now when a very fat fossil of mine will be found somewhere, all the scientists will be discussing.. "People in Northern California were fat, they toiled in the sun to make their living, and always wore warm clothes." They will put me in a class of idiots who wore warm clothes when the sun was shining bright and would call us "fatowarmoclothwearus" (or something ending in a "us" .. I hope you got my point).

My geography teacher had told me that the norther I go from the equator, the colder it be comes. So we decided to go further North. (Ok, well that was a joke .. we decided to go further north from Bodega bay to see Fort Ross (a former Russian settlement from the 19th Century)).

Some of my friends had come with the hopes that it would be a palace like Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India. Well, it wasn't anywhere close to that, but I liked it anyways. It looked cute small and well managed. And if luck would have it, a "Cultural Heritage Day" was being celebrated on the same day that we visited the park! Lo behold, I had never seen soo many Russians in my life. My knowledge of Russian girls was limited to Anna Kurnikova and Maria Sharapova and I must confess, they do are perfect representatives of a majority of their population :) !! Finally, after a long and tiring day, I saw my roomie smile and his eyes glitter with inner happiness. We did spend a long time in the fort staring at the architectural wonder that it was (mind you!). But then we couldn't stay long because the park was to close within an hour of our arrival.

Our drive back home was sad and the setting sun on the right accentuated our mood. However, I finally managed to come across cows on the road!! Imagine, Highway 1, had actually cows sitting on and around the highway!! Haha, finally I can prove to everyone, that India is not the only country that is soo complacent about animals on road. The cow was soo nice, she turned around for me to take a perfect picture of her, even though our car had already crossed her. She also asked me to post her snap on the internet. She also wanted me to register her for a social networking website, but I think that would be too inhuman to do (pun intended). So that's the subject of my title. And this post is dedicated to her... If you have reached till here, thanks for reading my post :) !! I bet this is one of my longest posts ever.


  1. yes the longest one and it was more about your trip and not about dear holy cow. :P

    But certainly, quite a lot humor.

  2. I kept the suspense till the end. I wanted you to find out why the cow was there in the post, in the first place :) !!

  3. I like your sense of humour. eggs on your friend when he is hot !!