Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cardinal Sin

I confess, I have sinned. I have given myself in to gluttony. Not once or twice, but for 3 continuous weeks. That is 15 days and at least 30 cookies down the throat, through my stomach and into the love handles to last me for eternity. I can't resist eating these biscuits and have been eating minimum 2 everyday, each time consoling myself that this is the last one I am ever eating again. I finally decided I confess my sin and tell you guys something about it. I am also putting up a picture of the addiction for all of you to drool over. Amazingly addictive and I bet laden with enough fat and sugar to fuel a gasoline car from New York to San Francisco.

The Forbidden Cookie

I am waiting for the day when scientists discover ways to convert the fat stored in our body to oil. I will be a billionaire overnight…


A friend of mine forwarded me this link about things going wrong with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). For the ignorant (that includes me too) the LHC is the world’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator that will be used to conduct some life changing but dangerous physics experiments. One of the highly publicized experiments is for the determination of the existence of something named as Higgs boson. That particle will help us explain the origin of the universe and rest of it is way too difficult for me to understand. If you read that particle as “Higg’s bosom” don’t fret, it just means that you are a guy. Go read the statement again, it should be clearer this time.

Now coming back to the article. It talks about the theory that the LHC was not functioning properly (until about last week) because people in the future already know the disastrous circumstances of constructing the LHC and accordingly, are sending back time travelers to thwart our attempt of building it. If the plot sounds familiar, you have seen Terminator (the movie) many times before!

Now I have always believed that time travel is not possible. That’s cause like I have quoted Stephen Hawking before "Time travel might be possible, but if that is the case, why haven't we been overrun by tourists from the future?" However the article kinda made me sit up and realize that we are indeed overrun by tourists from the future! Its just that they don’t reveal themselves as being from the future.

How else do you explain the wealth made by a very few individuals. Don’t tell me that Warren Buffett understands the stock market better than the guy next door. Also don’t  tell me that Steve Jobs can predict what people are gonna like next. All the great men and women in this world are nothing but time travelers. If you wanna be like them, don’t work hard, just find a guy with a time machine, and go back in time to make money and be the next genius! Didn’t I tell you, given enough free time, I can figure out all mysteries in our lives…

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gloomy Days

Every once in a while a day comes when I do - nothing. Nothing as in – nothing. I don't get outta bed in the morning and get on with my life. I just ponder around the whole day thinking about the bigger things in life. What am gonna do next and all the general nonsense that we are expected to plan. Today happened to be one of those days when I really wished we came with expiry dates (I read that blog post of mine again today, and I can’t believe that I was as good at bull$hitting pre-MBA, as I am now :) !!).

Its always been very difficult for me to lead my life without a purpose. After all, when we look at life through the perspective of greater scheme of things, we are here for nothing (yeah I know I have made a few of you sit and listen to my whining about our worthlessness ;) !!). So unless we set goals for ourselves, we are heading towards nowhere, which eventually we all anyway are.

Well, I don’t know why I wrote this blog post. Probably I will delete it later. As I wait for this day to get over, I felt like writing this out to you. Tomorrow will be a better day, it always is. Its always better to think short-term rather than plan for the future. Long-term plans have so much uncertainty that they never work out.

Finally, seeing 2012 yesterday seems to have had a deep impact on my rather impressionable mind. 21st December 2012 is not far away ;) !! You have 3 years to go to the ark :) !! That reminds me, the sad part of the movie was – no Indian was thought worthy enough to be saved and put on the ark to be part of the new world. So much for being 1 in 6 of the world population today!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The place where I am interning now used to be an artificial polar bear habitat before. So its not just cold, its freezing. Freezing as in brr…. freezing. And I guess polar bears like it when there is wind chill, so the air conditioner is strategically positioned to give a blast of cold air on my head.

Brrr Is The Word! -- powered by

I carry my winter jacket to office everyday and if that is not enough, now I have to cover my ears and nose as well. So much for sustainability!! Not only are they wasting precious energy cooling a human being as if he is a polar bear but also they are increasing their water and paper consumption.

How you ask? Well, so much cold makes me pee every hour. And peeing is accompanied by flushing, washing and drying hands. So there goes a paper towel, and at least 30 liters of water every hour for minimum of 8 hours. Now you calculate!

That also reminds me that the water taps in the basin are “automatic”. In simple terms they are made extremely difficult to use so that at times you wanna just break the damn tap. The sensors are strategically placed so that no amount of waving your hands in all the weird ways in front of the tap satisfies them. You actually have to do a ceremonial dance in which you put your left hand in (the basin), then the right hand and then wiggle your butt till the tap is happy. Then it sputters an ounce of water on your fingers and shuts itself off till you repeat the sequence again. As you have rightly guessed, I spend more time dancing in the loo than sitting at my place!