Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Being from the land of the Taj Mahal, confessing our love by making bold statements comes naturally to us. So be it getting a tattoo with your girlfriend's name on your forearm to defacing priceless historical artifacts with you and your fiance's name, we have done it all.

Recently I had been to Ratnagiri, and I got to experience undying love (or the likes of it) very closely. Here is the story, and before I start, the standard disclaimer follows:

All persons in this blog post are fictional and any resemblance to any person or animal living, dead or somewhere in between is purely coincidental.

Long long ago in the treacherous land of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, there lived a king Vishal. He was known for his valor and for his painting ability. One day while he was out hunting, he came across this beautiful princess Priya. It was love at first sight. He just couldn't stop admiring her. To impress Priya, he took her to the nearest pier constructed by the Government of Maharashtra and declared in white paint "Priya I love you Vishal" (English grammar at its very best!). People from far and wide could see his love for her (and now I epitomize their love by posting this magnificent artifact on my blog) ...

Priya I love you Vishal - from a distance Priya I love you Vishal - from close

Then one fine day Priya got bored of him (after all Priya wanted some "space" in her life) and Vishal wasn't the kind who would leave her alone. So she said to Vishal "Duur ho ja mere najro se" (which literally translated in English stands for "Go far away from my vision..."). Exit Vishal, enter Somnath. Again it was love at first sight. They ran around trees, sang songs, and again as luck would have it reached the same pier where Priya had come with Vishal before. Now, the romantic soul that Priya was, she told Somnath "Vishal ne hume itna pyaara toofa diya, ab tum kya doge?" which translated stands for "Vishal gave me this lovely gift (by defacing the pier!), what are you gonna give me?". Somnath was a genius. He figured that rather than being bigger and better, he could be more artistic. He drew this big heart with an arrow passing through it (how original) and wrote Priya's name followed by his. And just to be different he wrote it in the devnagri alphabet. I bet he immediately broke down into the Unchained Melody but in Hindi ... "Oh mere pyar, meri priyasi, muzhe bhukh hain tumhe chuune ki ..." and the rest is history (I guess I have also figured out by now that I am very bad at translations :P). Kudos to Vishal and Somnath for defacing historical monuments and tax payer's property in the name of love. We all are very proud of you.

Priya and Somnath

And before I end, I found this (different) love triangle between Heena, Maya and Vijay, which looks like Heena and Vijay were love birds before, and after he broke up with her, he found his new love Maya. To make Maya feel *closer* to him, he squeezed her name between Heena and his own! Eternal love, I must say!

Heena Maya and Vijay


  1. Ahh!!! romance redifined...and the sound of love goes by the hindi translation of Unchained melody....Very bootiful..."akele nadiya behti hai, samudra ki aur....samudra ki aur....". Divine!!!

  2. :) Good one.

    It is exactly the way you told me.. ekdam KRAZYY!!

    Ghar bethe bethe Tu Pagal ho raha hai!

    Translation: "Sitting sitting at home, You are becoming krazzy" :P

  3. Excellent!Humour with criticism..mala Pulanchi(P.L.Deshpande) athawan jhali:)
    I think Lalu has inspired you for the "Unchained Melody" translation:P
    Chk This:

  4. hey nice post ... very funny .... & really i loved the unchained meloday translation ...u shld try "Enhancing" more such songs ;)
    wat more can i say ...
    long live looouuuvvvv ...........:))

  5. Hehe, happy that you guys liked my blog ..

    Nids ... Maan you are better at translating than I am .. we shld work towards making all love songs hindi compatible :)

    Krupa ... Ghar baithe jaada kuch kaam nahi hain, so am writing such stuff :P, once I get busy, I wont do all this :)

    Anonymous Deeps ... Thanks for the Lalu video, you had forwarded that before :) and Pula is God...

    Prachi ... Glad you liked the translation, guess I shld translate the entire song in Hindi in my spare time now :)

  6. Lol hilarious!!!!

    Wonder what saif will do once he breaks up with kareena... :P

  7. He should just get rid of the "Na" part of Kareena's name in Hindi. Then he can start an authentic Indian cuisine restaurant named "Curry" .. see I just saved him some major embarrassment. Alas he will never read this though...