Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to spot an Indian?

Hello readers!! Sorry for the barrage of emotionally charged blogs that I wrote for a couple of weeks. I am back again to being stupid like always :) !! Hmm, I bet many of you heaved a sigh of relief.

Well, well, 'nuff said. Lets get back to work. I have been studying fellow Indians in malls and gyms and else where, and here I have listed a few of my observations. Note that even I follow all of these things religiously :) !!

  1. Drives around in a Honda or a Toyota. (That's not true, we also drive a Hyundai or a Nissan :))
  2. Does not buy any electronics unless s/he finds them in a deal.
  3. Stands outside Circuit City or Fry's at 3:00AM for the day after Thanksgiving Sale.
  4. Talks with a heavy nasal accent which sounds as if s/he is down with a cold.
  5. S/he puts more sugar and milk in the coffee, than the coffee itself!
  6. Gives you a blank stare if you are an Indian, gives a cheek-to-cheek smile otherwise!
  7. If an Indian approaches and smiles at another unknown Indian, then he is for sure in a Multi-level Marketing Scheme. Runnnn....
  8. Pays off all the credit card bills on time and keeps zero credit exposure.
  9. Refers to Wikipedia for anything s/he doesn't understand. It's our no nonsense survival guide in the US of A.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

War and Peace

I couldn't stop myself from posting this particular blog.

I couldn't sleep over the last spate of comments that I got on my blog titled Worthless. Somebody actually proved to me that I am worthless, that I use a lot of smileys in my blog, make a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes and generally I ain't good for anything.

But I guess, I know that already, and I don't think I am gonna change. So I decided to continue writing with a vengeance :) !! Also I am not gonna stop using smileys cause those cute little creatures make me happy. I know my writing is not gonna change the world, but this is the only hobby that I have.

So I wish myself, all the very best and move on. I guess my blog is facing some midlife crises.

And before I end , I have taken Siddharth's comment to heart which said " hey..write what u want to...not what people want to listen!! there r enough places in the world where u can't do ur own thing..let this be an exception!"

Thank you! For me, I am still the center of MY universe :) !!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Had a pretty interesting week as far as my blog goes. I got two very constructive feedbacks, and I have taken them to heart :) !!

The first one requires a bit of a background, so read on. There is a particular Java API which calculates the worth of your blog using Trackbacks, links and your blogs ranking on Technorati.

Incidentally my blog is worth zero dollars :) !! Well, its predictable. To start with, mine is an absolutely ego centric blog and when I started off I had no illusions of grandeur whatsoever. I didn't even succumb to the temptation of making some quick bucks by using Google Adsense. All said and done you can check the worth of your blog over here.

The second criticism that I received was of the fact is that I try to write funny and with the poor frequency at which I write, it doesn't really make my blog worth reading :) !!

Hehe, I understand. So here is my mid year blog resolution.
  1. I shall write more regularly and shall not wait for brain waves to come.
  2. I will write what I feel like and not try to be funny.
  3. I shall continue writing till I have at least 1 subscriber other than myself :) !!
I love to write, and when my emails to e-groups started falling on deaf ears, I started my own blog. So thanks to all of you for being with me till now :)

And finally ... comments are highly appreciated.