Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Support Wikipedia

Since I rely so much on Wikipedia for all the information I need or I provide, I guess it is my duty to contribute towards Wikimedia Foundation's Fundraising drive. If any one of you would like to donate, here is the link. Also watch the video, it is inspiring....

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I know I lost some of my very loyal readers thanks to my being lazy and not writing a blog for one whole month. So I thought I give the rest of you some genuine excuses for my delay in writing ;). Please understand! There are 6 reasons I can think of as to why I didn't write a blog:

  1. My dog ate my blog (yikes, it rhymes!)
  2. My car felt that I was neglecting her because I spent too much time with the computer. So we spent some "quality" time together.
  3. My keyboard randomly put "l" while I was typing. "Slo thle blog thlat lI wlote clame lout llike thlis. lI knlow thlis slounds slupid blut thlats whlat hlappened. "
  4. My horoscope said that I should not write more than 2 blogs in the month of September.
  5. I was researching on the global warming problem and searching for alternate sources of energy.
  6. And the ultimate ... I was helping Steorn to violate the law of conservation of energy :) !!

The 6th point needs more elaboration. There is actually a small company in Ireland named Steorn, which claims to have found a novel way of producing energy without consuming any. If proven true it will violate our fundamental foundations of thermodynamics :) !!! Yippee, time to go back to college again.

I hope this is not a hoax, but somehow it reminds me of one Mr. Ramar Pillai (sorry no Wiki entry for him :( !!) who claimed that he could produce gasoline from a "magic" herb that he found in some village in rural India. He actually took the country for a ride for a couple of months (including a few IIT professors) only to be later proven to be a hoax.

And I hope at least one of you believed the 6 reasons I gave above were responsible for me not writing a blog :) !!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Before I know it, its been one month since I last blabbered out here. The cereals put me into deep slumber and I only got up after I realized that I am three days away from the go-live of the biggest and longest Project of my life! Can't believe that I have spent 30 days doing nothing. Hmm, actually this time I managed to squeeze in a lot of things in these 30 odd days. So if you have insomnia and that sleeping pill isn't really taking you to your "happy place" ... read on...

3 things that I did in the last month


I still can't believe that I tried my hand (and leg?) at kick-boxing. Well, the gym that I go to has got these classes for lazy bums like me to be motivated. So there used to be this amazing workout routine for 1 hour once a week in which the instructor would teach us to kick box and in doing so help us burn some calories. I attended quite a few of those sessions. It kinda helped me figure that there are many muscles in my body that I haven't used since the day that I was born. Also the jab, cross, hook, up routine kinda helped me hit the hell out of that imaginary pillow and release my pent up anger :) !! However the sad part of the class was that right since I started attending it, the room in which it was being conducted received irreparable structural damage (That reminds me, some one has asked me to no longer crack any "fat" jokes :) !!) because of heavy pounding and it has been stopped for ever :( !! So much for enthusiasm.

Bryan Adams:

I had the time of my life last Saturday. Bryan Adams had come down to the Greek Theater in Berkeley. Not only did I get to visit UC Berkeley (the University that I adore soo much!) but also I got to see Bryan Adams :) !!! Well its been quite a while since I have heard his songs. I was a big fan of his in my junior college days , but this time his show got me all nostalgic (signs of old age?) ... For a change I also figured that I remembered the lyrics of most of his songs :) !!

Astonishing as it might seem most of the crowd seemed to be 40+. All the young people were mostly Indians. Kinda shows that as far as music is concerned we are at least a decade behind the Americans in our choice of songs :) !! Anyways, I got to work out a lot (thats a good way of putting down the fact that I shouted at the top of my voice for 2 hours and jumped like crazy. That also reminds me, my doctor has asked me to be good to my knees, so I consciously jumped on my toes and not on my heels :) !!)


I ain't gonna explain what geocaching is out here on my blog. So go read the wiki link that I have provided. But I sure would like to say that this sport has got me hooked. An aimless treasure hunt combined with a GPS can very well be interesting :) !! You will also find a photo of a "happy me" at the end of this blog; with a cache that I found!!