Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First Anniversary?

Hey, did you realize I just completed more than a year of scribbling my thoughts online? Whoa!! Thats an achievement, pat pat pat :) !! Not that I have been regular, but believe it or not, I have written 50 articles :), gained 8 pounds, slept more than 2900 hours, shaved more than 300 times and have made 4 dedicated readers in the 365 days!!


  1. hmm.....n the dishes that u hv learnt to cook..egg bhurji n mix veg...!!!:P

  2. Hey thats not fair!! I learnt to cook much more than that :P !! It just happened tht you got to taste only those too :) !!

  3. Congrats .. But please make sure u fulfil anonymous' wish.. PLEASEEEE..

    Did you men this Anniversary post was in draft?
    Huh!! Sigh!

    By the way... Happy birthday to the Blogger in you. :-)

  4. Correction in above comment -

    *Did you meAn this Anniversary...

  5. No re! The one in draft is still there... I need to finish it soon :)!! Somehow before this weekend...