Friday, September 12, 2008

Chimp with chopsticks

Whoever thinks that I don't have patience should come and see me eat with chopsticks..

Gimme a pair of chopsticks and I will try to lift anything and everything with my chopsticks under the pretext of learning to use them :) !! I make a big mess at the end of a rather long lunch/dinner (how about 1 hour?) spent fiddling with the chopsticks. The seemingly easy task of lifting things off the plate and putting them in my big mouth has now become a complex process involving my clumsy fingers, the awkwardly held chopsticks and finally gravity!!

However, I think I have already mastered the art of eating with chopsticks in a weightless environment. But then, I still have to live on planet earth, yeah with gravity around, things held between the chopsticks tend to fall back into the bowl splashing whichever colored liquid it held on everything in its vicinity. I have a t-shirt which has a horizontal line on its chest which most people can't decipher as my artwork with chopsticks :) !!

But then, the warrior in me refuses to give up. After all, how hard can it be to chase that last morsel of rice left on your plate with a pair of chopsticks?


  1. hey dude..shld have put a snap of ur's ..eating with chopsticks...:)

  2. will tell you the secret between skillful-chopsticks-user's fingers and the chopsticks :)

  3. I think we should make it mandatory for everyone to eat with chopsticks, and then we will get more time to spend with the people we chose to eat with. Yes we do run into the risk of people mastering the art of eating with chopsticks over a period of time. The solution then is to invent chopsticks of different shapes, like S or L or a combination.

    Have I just opened gates for people to ponder, invent and discover?

  4. dude never knew u also write blogs.. u r doing a good job indeed.. keep it up.. read few of them and could make head & tail out of them :-) Enjoi !!!

  5. Shoma -- I did search for photos of chimps with chopsticks, but google has none :P !!

    Clear -- Yeah, am looking forward to learning your technique!

    Praveen -- The only food that I know you eat is 1 Chicken Chalupa, and 1 Chicken Casadilla, oh yeah and at times, Honey Mustard Chicken Sub from Quizznos -- long time till you can use chop sticks to eat that...

    Ashish -- Yeah, I have been blogging for a while now .. 2 years eh? Long time .. :)