Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Hoi An Mystery

Last month I happened to be in Hoi An. It's an ancient sleepy touristy town with a beach nearby and lot of great food in Vietnam. One particular place that is quite popular is "Banh Mi Phuong". Banh Mi is a Vietnamese burger (of sorts) and this store rose to crazy popularity because of Anthony Bourdain calling it the "best Banh Mi in Vietnam". You can enjoy the video of him eating there ...

Anyway, this blog post is neither about Banh Mi nor about the restaurant. I ain't no food critic. I loved the Banh Mi, but I have not eaten at enough places around Vietnam to be able to judge. It does qualify as the best Banh Mi I have had yet. However, this blog post is specifically about Gaurav Kapur. The famous Mr. Gaurav Kapur.

Banh Mi Phuong
The Restaurant

Now, I do see a lot of random Indians and sometimes celebrities on my sojourns. Had I seen Gaurav in Hoi An, it would have been a non-event. But this gets even weirder. The restaurant that I just mentioned has this crazy tradition of random people putting their passport size photos in the table. I don't know why they do that, but well that's the way it is.

Photos on the Table!

So as I was enjoying my Banh Mi, I looked at all the photos on my side of the table. People from all over the world smiling at you with their best smile. And amongst all of them, I think I saw a passport size photo of Gaurav. Now, I have no clue whether it is really him or not. So I put it here for you to see and judge.

Gaurav Kapur?

I wonder why he did that (if indeed it is him!). I have no Facebook/ Twitter or other social media to reach out to him and ask him why. So this shall always remain a mystery for me in Hoi An. This takes Celebrity spotting to a weirder level for me!