Sunday, January 7, 2018

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One more negative impact of too much access to the internet is that - I have almost completely stopped reading books. I have gotten used to consuming bite sized information off the internet, whether it is through my RSS Feed reader (Feedly) or through Reddit.

I hardly read 2 books in 2017. A very miserable number in my entire adult life. Looking at the way we are getting addicted to consuming news online, I felt it was important to force myself to read books and tune out. So one of the first purchases I have done this year is to buy an e-book reader (Kindle) and plan and book reads on the go.

While I have always been the traditional paper book variety reader, I realized that carrying big books around is a burden that I no longer enjoy. The result has been that I only ended up reading books when I was at home. I hope the Kindle with its light weight  helps me to read more books on the go.