Friday, August 3, 2007

Fat Friends?

This article that I read on the Internet recently has got me all thinking. The gist of the article is "Having fat friends makes you fat". Obesity is like a virus which spreads!! Hua.. can't believe? Read the article here.

Well its funny, but statistically two of my best friends in India gained a lot of weight since they became my friends. I was born fat, so I can't really blame anyone for making me one.

This means, I have a new business plan to make money. I am gonna advertise to all those underweight malnourished people out there (Paris Hilton, Naomi Richie included..) to be friends with me and see the results (in 6 weeks?) Hehe, I could make television commercials featuring my real life friends starring "before" and "after" :) !! Maan sometimes making money is soo easy :) !! I wonder, if I had not spent my time writing silly code and making boring spreadsheets I would have been a millionaire by now, using my ideas :P !!

I initially got the link to this article on Slashdot. I like the name of that site. If I have to ask someone to go to that site on the phone this is how it sounds like: "". Its one of those uber geek sites. And before you jump to any conclusion, I ain't a geek (yet), I am just amongst those millions of wannabes. Geekdom is far away for me.

And finally, since my blog is rated PG-13 by me, I won't get into the details of this article, but I strongly suggest you all to give it a read :) !!

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