Sunday, June 30, 2013

Multi-function Personal Computing

Have always steered clear of controversial topics on my blog and shall continue to do so. So without stating an opinion, I would like to give my informed and intellectual readers some reason to ponder.

The whole fiasco with the NSA Prism controversy makes me feel that after all the hullabaloo is over and we get back to our life of cynicism, if there is one industry that should evolve or revolutionize is – Web-based storage. I use this as a generic term for all companies that maintain our data – for us by informing us (Webmail, Social Networks, Micro-blogs etc., Cloud based ERPs, Analytics, CRMs and any other Enterprise IT tool) or slyly behind our back by tracking our browsing habits (the Advertising networks).

I had already visualized a geek-nirvana where I would carry 1 device every where for pleasure as well as for work (a future smart phone). This kinda device would have an OS that would be capable of running as a Mobile, Tablet or a Desktop Machine. It would have enough solid state memory to keep my frequently used programs on it, while safe keeping rest of my data on an extended storage device in the cloud. The processor would of course be powerful enough to handle all my personal computing needs (Gaming, Video, Software etc.).  It would have off the shelf docks that would let me plug it into a Keyboard, Mouse and a Monitor to do my business applications (yeah, the OS would support my Office Mail, ERP, Documentation and Presentation software). I would carry the same device for my presentations, plug it in (or Bluetooth pair it) with the projector and won’t have to worry carrying multiple devices.

This reality was just set back by a few years because of the mere fact that we all just realized that whatever is in web-based storage is public knowledge. Some people will be increasingly weary of these providers and it might just end up stifling innovation.

Or I am just way too paranoid, and nothing will really happen and I will end up buying this device for Christmas of 2014.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have been blindly buying this brand of eggs that had this “Lower Cholesterol” claim boldly posted on its top. Well, as you may expect, they are almost twice as expensive as the other local brands that are available. After close to a year of regularly buying these eggs, I recently decided to “investigate” how much more cholesterol do the cheaper varieties of eggs contain.


This time around when I went to replenish the eggs at home, I casually looked at the “Lower Cholesterol” eggs calorie content. It is 318mg per 100g. As for the local normal eggs? Well they are at 320mg per 100g. Considering the way this entire nutrition label mess is actually calculated, 2mg difference is not only just a negligible difference but also it could be a rounding error.

Normal Egg Packaging

I am aghast and I feel tricked. I shall be more careful reading nutrition labels going forward and not just buy fancy looking stuff in the supermarket. Aren’t we all just slaves of pretty?

Nutrition Comparison

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cheapskate ergonomics

I wanted to invest in a sit-stand computer desk but looking at the ridiculous prices and my unpredictable place of residence, I decided not to invest in one at this time.

My quest for healthy living however continues. And now I have figured out a cheaper way of adjusting the computer monitor (in my case it’s a Laptop screen) to be at a height that keeps my neck and eyesight straight without causing any strain.

The investment? Well, buy a good keyboard and mouse. I bought the Microsoft Comfort Curve (Yeah it works with Ubuntu). But I am sure any keyboard would do. Get a shoe-box or old directories (or anything that you can use to place your laptop on!). And viola, you managed to elevate your monitor. Cheap, reliable and good for a healthy living!

I got a New Balance shoe box. Yeah probably they would have never thought the box could “balance” something “new” this way. And the added advantage? You can hide all your bundles of wires inside the box to give your desk a minimalist look.

My Desktop Setup