Saturday, September 27, 2008

Made History

So I went for the practice session of the first ever grand prix held at night in Singapore. My first experience of watching a F1 race live. Breath taking indeed. Figured out that F1 cars are really noisy and very fast. So fast that your ordinary point and click camera can do nothing but click photos of the track sans the car.

Also figured that F1 merchandise is expensive and the city looks awesome under lights. I am saving the ticket to sell for millions of dollars 30 years from now to fund my retired life. This is what I call planning ;) !! Those of you who want to drool on the priceless artifact, it is made available here for your viewing pleasure only.

The Ticket 

Thought that this picture of the track makes it look serene ... enjoy!

The Track

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cleaning the floor in 15 minutes

Well, for those of you who know me, I am a cleanliness freak and at times over do it. But my hostel life has toned me down a bit, and I had been procrastinating wet cleaning my floor for a while now.

Today there is a huge thunderstorm in my part of Singapore. Talking of weather in Singapore, I bet even if you sneeze out there in India the turbulence that you create in the air is big enough for us to have a thunderstorm here!! Butterfly effect I bet. I diligently close my room windows each time that I leave my hostel room (cause like I said before, I would never know when one of you decides to sneeze in India!). But, today, my neighbor forgot to close his windows and went for his classes. The hostel rooms are so designed that there is another door that separates every room (internally connected).

Even though I had closed my windows, the water accumulated in his room came over to mine (from the gap between the connecting door and floor) and flooded here as well. And it took me a while to notice because I was day dreaming about the F1 race scheduled in Singapore from today :) and only realized the water when it reached my feet.

Back to my cleaning habits, I did clean up my room in 15 minutes flat (something which I could have easily done more often!).

Moral of the story? "God makes people clean their rooms who do not clean themselves!".

Update: The *other side* of the story can be found here

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do a good deed online...

So we all have grown up to the fact that every little thing that we find online is free!! Free to the extent that we refuse to pay for any content that we find online, however good it is. An article that Seth Godin wrote recently has gotten me all thinking about this.

Most (if not all) of my knowledge these days is derived from the Internet. And as far as I remember, I have hardly paid any of the web sites for all the amazing content that they provide to me. Most of these web sites are maintained by people like you and me who are making ends meet by juggling their jobs, family and the web site. They are driven by a passion, a passion to share, a passion to help the world.

Aren't we then, as consumers of this information, obligated to help these guys in some way? So saying, if they are using online advertising as their revenue model, aren't we expected to consume (view) those innocuous advertisements? What harm can be done to your soul by seeing some advertisements everyday? Not only will this help you continue to get great content online everyday but also it will support the entire online advertising industry, one click at a time! Who knows, this might just help to eliminate that spam that you get everyday? After all, they are just seeking your attention...

As Seth says .. "If you like what you're reading, click an ad to say thanks". And before you start searching for ads on my site, wait! I don't have any. But if you think hard there are at least a billion other web sites that need your help!

And before I end, here is a sweet ad from Coca Cola (no I am not getting paid for putting it up here ;)) that fits right into this context .. "Give a little love and it all comes back to you.." .. And if you don't get the humor in this advertisement, its time you go play "Grand Theft Auto".

Yupp, you guessed it right, I am in the mood to spread some love ;) !!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Chimp with chopsticks

Whoever thinks that I don't have patience should come and see me eat with chopsticks..

Gimme a pair of chopsticks and I will try to lift anything and everything with my chopsticks under the pretext of learning to use them :) !! I make a big mess at the end of a rather long lunch/dinner (how about 1 hour?) spent fiddling with the chopsticks. The seemingly easy task of lifting things off the plate and putting them in my big mouth has now become a complex process involving my clumsy fingers, the awkwardly held chopsticks and finally gravity!!

However, I think I have already mastered the art of eating with chopsticks in a weightless environment. But then, I still have to live on planet earth, yeah with gravity around, things held between the chopsticks tend to fall back into the bowl splashing whichever colored liquid it held on everything in its vicinity. I have a t-shirt which has a horizontal line on its chest which most people can't decipher as my artwork with chopsticks :) !!

But then, the warrior in me refuses to give up. After all, how hard can it be to chase that last morsel of rice left on your plate with a pair of chopsticks?