Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Here is a question..

What do you do when you come home from work at 2:00 in the afternoon after having worked for more than 12 hours? If you are a sane person you sleep for 2 hours and get up refreshed and ready to rock. But if you are me, you eat a lot of cornflakes.

I am not kidding. Its 4:00 PM now and for the last two hours I have been eating cornflakes. This is the third bowl of cereals that I am munching on, as I write this blog (hear the crunch, munch, crunch?). I have this stupid thing called bio-clock of my stomach, and it always yearns to eat the same kinda food at a particular time of the day. I somehow missed my regular dose of cereals in the morning today, and the only thing I can think of is cornflakes. I tried to get some sleep now, but I had a bad dream in which a giant Steve Jobs, in his trademark black turtle neck t-shirt was pouring huge flakes on me from a big box. And he was laughing aloud like a typical Hindi movie bad-guy (muha-ha-ha-ha-ha!). I was trying hard to survive ( watching a lot of Hollywood movies has told me that when anything falls on you, if you can't dodge it like Neo, then duck and cover thyself). I guess he too figured out what I was doing and then poured a lot of milk on me. Finally I startled and got over that dream. I do not know the significance of Steve Jobs in that dream, but I bet if you read Sigmund Freud he will have a rather esoteric explanation.

Anyways, now I am trying to save myself , by finishing off all the cereals that I have at home. Sorry for the worthless blabbering, but some how I guess cornflakes make me high :) !!

Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Burp ...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Random rambling

I start my blog with nothing in mind, no topic to write about. Lets see how long I can stretch this one before I sign off :) !!

Its a boring Saturday evening, saw a couple of movies since morning, made lunch and have been lazying around in the house. Have been listening to Yanni now and like always feeling very very nostalgic. Yanni first happened to me at a very good point of time in my life. I distinctly remember listening to Yanni for the first time way back in 1993. Those were the days, in my tweens :) !!! School was fun, homework wasn't hard, life was all about listening to what your parents say to you, listening to your teachers, playing in the evenings and generally being merry. No responsibilities, no thoughts of future to nag you. No jobs, no salaries, no taxes, no bills. Satellite television was just introduced in India, and movies were still a novelty.

Eating out was actually something that I looked forward to :) !! Not that my mom did not make amazing food, but it was always that my parents would take me out for dinner on the evening of my last exam. It became a conditioned reflex. Eating out was equal to being happy, kinda like Pavlov's dog :) !! (I desist eating out now, but somehow now I can't avoid it either!).

There was no Wikipedia then. Any technical question I had, it always had to be my dad who answered. So from how car engines work, to Newton's laws of motions, it was dad who answered. My mom was everything else for me, from Maths to History to Geography to languages and ofcourse grammar. I still fondly remember the English grammar exercises that she took :) !! When my stupid questions got progressively difficult to answer, my parents took the wise decision to get me an Encyclopedia (The Dorling Kindersley Science Encylopedia). It was amongst my most prized possessions then!! I devoured the book. Sunday afternoons were no longer boring. The book laid the foundations for making me a wanna be geek :) !!

Badminton and table tennis were my favorite games then. Evening time was all about playing. Rain or shine, I had to go out to play. I remember distinctly, the last lectures in school were always spent waiting for the school bell to ring. No students wore watches, so we would have no clue when the lecture would end. Yet all we were really bothered about was the sound of the bell ringing.

Summer vacations were all play and no work. Never worried about getting tanned, no sunscreen lotion :P !! Get up in the morning eat breakfast, disappear, reappear at lunch disappear again, come again in the evening to show your mom that you still exist :) !! When TV happened later in life, a part of time was spent watching cartoons, and a funny serial called Giant Robo. I can't imagine I actually enjoyed such a show considering that the special effects are well, ahem .. not so special :) !! I happened to fish out the intro video on youtube, and here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Nostalgia always gets me writing. When I get low, I can write pages together, which apparently make no sense to the reader. On second thoughts, my engineering papers were also pages making no sense. I guess thats a personality trait then, and not a mood thing :) !!!