Monday, September 7, 2009

The refrigerator

Oh yeah, I live in this student hostel that is affectionately called Graduate Hell err .. Hall. And we have this one common pantry in the basement where all the hall residents (1/2 the population of Singapore) get to keep their food in a small refrigerator. As you can guess, the fridge is perennially filled to the brim. I remember the good old days of owning a refrigerator, all for myself!!

Our lovely fridge Do I see a new species in there?

Today an angry-distraught student posted this note. Some poor soul mistakenly took her eggs (how do I conclude the gender? – Well men don’t use pink markers and men are too lazy to buy eggs and keep them in the common refrigerator).

Dont take other's food! Please return my eggs!

This is my advice. Use these bags to pack all your food in. I bet most people won’t dare to touch it.