Saturday, July 28, 2007

Caped crusader

Three spills in a week. Would have been worst.

On Sunday, I vacuum my car and wash it to my heart's content. Then I pull into a Taco Bell to buy a couple of Chalupas and a Pepsi. Everything good till now. Then ... as the friendly lady hands over my Pepsi, I drop it in my car. The lid opens and in no time, I am drowning, gasping for breath in a car full of Pepsi.

On Tuesday, I come home after a very tiring workday and see utensils floating around in my apartment. Worst still, I realize that the mucky water that is hoisting them up so valiantly actually contains what my neighbours cooked for lunch. Before you get going in the wrong direction ... Well it happens to be the water that came from the sink of people who live above me. How you ask? Well, the kitchen water drainage pipe that is shared by our units is choked and the water comes back from the pipe, outta my kitchen sink and into my house :( !!

And if these two incidents were not enough...

On Friday, I decide to write them in a blog (the one that you are reading right now!). I make myself some chai, set the cup on my computer table and start writing. Two minutes later, I fumble with my cup and drop the hot chai on my keyboard. Kaput! Keyboard stops working.

Ok, now I understand that all you guys feel very sorry about me, and for a moment even sympathize with me. But then you sit back and actually ask, why the title "Caped Crusader"? Yeah, there comes the ego part.

Spill what may, I clean it up. I am "Spill-man". Dressed in green shorts, black t-shirt, yellow gloves and a face mask made out of my not-so-white-anymore handkerchief, I go from car-to-door cleaning messes up. My tools are Clorox Bleach, 409, Scrubbing bubbles etc. etc. You name a cleaning solution, and I bet I have it.

The sad part of being spill-man is, neither do I get to save a damsel in distress from a towering monster (hope you have noticed that all the super heroes always get to save good looking gals) nor do I get to do some suave stunts like flying or hanging on buildings and get an applause from people passing me by. My super heroism deals with cleaning up yucky and mucky things. And as a kid, I had always thought being a caped crusader was kinda cool :) !!


  1. Lol.. :)

    Nice post. Glad to see that the worsts situations also made u think humorously afterwards.

    Life is really worth if you can find the reason to smile/laugh even in such circumstances of uninvited cleaning.. :)

    Well-done Friend..

  2. I want moreeee..

    ;-) I am after your life.. i know i know.. But can't you just fulfil an anonymous' wish?

  3. Thanks!!

    Hey, I have my next one in draft, gimme some time to publish it. It helps when you push though :P !!