Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Change ain't easy

So I changed jobs like 7+ months ago. And if you have noticed, I totally disappeared off this blog. Not that I did not want to write, but I was lost, stressed and couldn't get a grip on all the new things I had to learn.

Not only did I change my industry, but the entire technology stack has been totally new for me. So I have been studying hard most nights and weekends to catch-up - first on the business / industry aspect of my new job, and then on the technology stack. Learning is infinite! I am still stuck in the wonder world and every new topic I read or learn takes me down a rabbit hole that I take a few days to climb out of. I have read 3 books on my industry till now, and I still feel like a total imbecile.


I hope you all have been doing great and enjoying the ride that is 2022. I hope to write more often in the coming months :) !!