Thursday, January 10, 2008


I bet all of thee motor-souls have already read the news that India built the "cheapest production car in the world!" Holy cow, Tata could actually fit a whole 624cc 2 cylinder engine along with 4 wheels, chasis and a steering and then extract a 54mpg from the engine while still meeting the Euro-IV and Bharat Stage-III emission norms in the Tata Nano!! Sometimes I feel that some of us Indians are simply crazy :) !!

And, now let me take the pleasure of introducing my most favorite portrayal of an Indian. It sure is "Asok the Intern" from the Dilbert comics. Not only is he extraordinarily brilliant, but also he knows telekinesis and shape-shifting!! If this is not enough, he could also re-incarnate himself :) !!

Haha, I bet the mysterious land of holy-men, snake charmers and software engineers has more in store than what meets the eye ;) !! Watch out world, a land of 1.1 billion people can't be just sleeping...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Time travel

Though technically, more than half of the world is already into 2008, the land that I currently contribute my weight to, is still in the last year. Taking advantage of this great time difference, I try to squeeze in my very last post for this year.

I am not much into resolutions. The last one that I remember I promised to myself was long back when I was learning to tie my shoe laces! I couldn't keep mine, and if any of you have noticed, I still use slip-on shoes. So much for resolutions. I don't keep any.. (well, that's a lie, in the last century I kept a resolution, that I won't ever keep any more resolutions, and I have stuck to it :) !!).

Now let me get into some numerology. 2008 will be a good year for all of you who read this post. The reason is simple. 2008 is an even number. It ends with 8 which happens to be the cube of 2. 2 is the base of our binary world. Also 8 bits make a byte, the fundamental foundation of this great virtual world. The word "blog" is a 4 character word. 4 is a divisor of 8 (got the connection?). 2008 starts with a 20. The prime factors of 20 are 5 and 2. Its an interesting combination of an odd and an even prime number. You will have a great financial year this year! All your financial trouble will be washed away. Your love life will be rocking and if you are married your spouse will be very happy with you.

Thank you for your attention. Wish you a very happy new year 2008. I cant believe we are already 9 years into the 21st century. None of the essays that I wrote as a school boy on "Life in the 21st century" have come true yet! Come next new year and 10% of 21st century will already be over!