Monday, April 30, 2007

Iron Man

There goes the month of April 2007. Very forgettable indeed. I actually managed to do nothing in this month :) !! Hehe its Sunday evening on the 29th of this month (remember, the saddest day of the week is fast approaching? ;) ) and I am struggling to complete ironing my clothes. This is one art that I can never master and have no intentions of doing so. To take a break, I thought I google some articles on "efficient ironing".

I know many of you must be grinning at the fact that I actually tried to search something like that. But to tell you the truth, I have the firm belief that if something does not turn up on a google search then it does not exist :) !! Don't believe me? Check this out, I actually found one great article on it ..

I find ironing a complete waste of my precious time. And I try to minimize my work by buying wrinkle-free clothes and hanging my clothes on hangers when they are wet to minimize creases :) !! I am lazy with a capital L :)

Anyways after my barber if there is one noble soul that I truly miss in India is the guy who irons my clothes. I am short of words here, but as far as my English vocab goes, I couldn't figure out a word for him. In India we affectionately call him धोबिवाला (Dhobiwala :) !!). That benevolent soul comes every day evening takes away all the washed clothes that need ironing and returns them to you the next day. If you are in a hurry and need clothes immediately, you just walk up to him, and he does your clothes at high priority :) !! What a neat concept!! And all this for less than 5 cents a shirt!! Whew!!

The housing society in which I stay in India is named Sapna which is incidentally also a common name of girls in India. Now this dhobi of mine has marked all my clothes with a "Sapna 3" to indicate that they are my clothes. The funny part is that, he has strategically written this at places that aren't easily seen from the outside. Which means that every time that I grope my trouser's buckle to unzip it, I see "Sapna 3" written on it. I am lucky that I don't have a wife, else she would always suspect me to be having an affair with a certain Sapna :) !! And I would have a hard time convincing her that my dhobi actually likes to write my Apartment's name there!!


  1. :) Good one..

    Tell me one thing, what do you think on this earth makes you feel that you are not wasting your time?
    uhh.. ironing, cleaning, working at office in SAP or in excel sheet, working in design phase -- any single thing that makes you feel that you are doing something worth?

    u r hopeless...

    But to agree with you on something - I do miss Dhobiwala - the iron man in India .. I really do miss them. I also hate ironinggggggggg.

  2. To answer Krupa's question, the only thing you are worth doing is that you are preserving yourself by pumping your lungs with oxygen, now and then... Continue to do so, while you keep others busy by commenting on your blog postings.

  3. Hey Raj..

    It's me again.. :)

    Staying busy is what I am looking for because any idle moment makes me write on my own blog ;)


  4. You sure seem to miss ur dhobiwala a lot.. But a dhobi is one who washes n irons ur clothes while an istriwala simply irons them. Dont depend on google n wikipedia for all the gyan in this world. There are better places to find them out as well :)

  5. Oops.. you caught my mistake Prachi!! Ya I was talking about my istriwala :) !! Its time I stop relying on wiki....