Sunday, April 6, 2014

Keep on running

So my new year just passed me by. And the new financial year in India just started. That reminds me, this is the last chance for 2014 for all of us to resolve to keep our resolutions.

I know, I know most of you have managed to keep your 2014 resolutions for the first quarter and are raring to continue for 3 more. But some lazy bums (like me!) need to be cajoled and reminded.

So please put that sinful cookie down right now. I can clearly see you munching. It doesn’t exactly live up to your resolution’s standards. Happy 3 more quarters of 2014. If you consider this year to be still a new year, wake up cause 25% of it is already over!

And my blog title is a song by the real Milli Vanilli. Not the song that effectively ended their career forever. That was 22 years ago? And considering that I liked that song so much as kid, it’s time to remind myself – I am old.

Keep on Running