Saturday, September 16, 2006

Simian Crease

I have recently embarked on a path to self discovery and there are a few weird and interesting things that I have found out about myself. Let me have the pleasure to share it with you.

1) I can wag my ears. (97.86% of the human species can't do that. Well, that reminds me, do you know that 47.5% of the statistics are made up on the spot?? :P)

2) I can raise one eyebrow at a time. (WWE fans .. can you smell what the Rock is cooking?? For starters .. I would love Chicken tikka masala :P !!)

3) I have a simian crease on both my hands! (That's a very very rare condition in human species! Trust me, I haven't made this statistics up, there are very few left-handed persons in this world who have simian crease on both their hands!! .. And I am amongst them. Bow down you average guy!

So, I would like to dedicate this entire blog, to my simian crease! For you lesser mortals who do not want to read ahead, there is food on my desk, come pick some up and eat :) !!!

This simian crease (SC) self discovery happened not so long ago, when a friend of mine well- versed in palmistry, pointed out that I had "different" hands. Now, I know that I have soft girlish hands (yikes! people actually thought that I was a girl when I was a kid, now I have stopped shaking hands with people altogether :P !!!), but she gave me a shock when she told me that I have a rare medical condition in which my head line and hand line are fused together. (That means, I neither have a head nor a heart .. ) She further told me that this condition is called a simian crease!

Off I went googling about my "condition". After all, nowadays, if you don't understand something about yourself, you go ask Google .. "Google, google on the net, who is the fairest of them all?", said the evil step-mother of snow white and Google replied "Results 1 - 10 of about 2,200,000 for ..." And the first entry was a sponsored advt, which said "Snow White", and that is how the fairy tale started!! For the sake of not getting sued, the author changed Google to Mirror. Only idiots would believe that Mirrors talk!

That reminds me, I have a very bad habit of straying miles away from the topic that I am discussing. So I come back to my SC. Simian according to the dictionary means a monkey. I looked it up on, and finally ... after 25 years of my mysterious existence, a lot of things became pretty clear to me! I could finally put two and two together!

For starters, I realized why gals don't really find me attractive. Monkeys don't really go well with chicks .. that reminds me, had I had a canine line or something, I could sit pretty on a rich lady's lap wag my tail and go around in a limousine :) !!

Also, I need to confess, I have always had this thing about female monkeys. My mom tells me that every time that we went to a zoo, as a kid I would always insist on being near the cage where the monkeys played!! I remember this one time when we had been to a hill station and I happened to look at a female monkey and from somewhere a male monkey attacked me. Only a guy knows how difficult it is to protect his love interest :) (Btw, if anyone of you believed what I wrote in this paragraph .. its time you see a psychiatrist :) !!)

That also explains why I love to pick lice out of my roomies hair (yikes, that was gross!) and eat bananas :) !!! Finally, I guess the quality of my jokes are degrading so I stop writing more about my SC...

Its 10:30 PM on Friday evening and the only thing that I am doing is writing a blog :(!! Girish go get a life ...

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  1. Hi, I just found out about my hands. I obviously knew about it, but never thought anything till my gf asked me why my hands were different. I have been searching the internet from last nite about this. I have simian creases on both hands too...