Saturday, September 23, 2006


Since my last post was titled "Clothes", poetic justice decides that this post should be aptly titled "Washing". (Yupp this is the second article in a series of articles titled clothes, washing, drying, ironing ... dont ya worry, am just kidding :P)

To get into the mood of writing about washing, I tried to get into the skin of the character by actually putting my brown, grey and black shades of clothes for washing :) !! After all, great actors try to get a true feel of the character they are enacting by being one. Acting is one realm, that I have no intentions of exploring. Sessions of dumb charades have proven to me that I am absolutely dumb when it comes to acting :) !!!

Coming back to the title.. for all of you who use the traditional "washing machine", there is this half an hour time between when you put your clothes to wash and switch them over to the dryer. According to me, this is the most unproductive time of my life!! Imagine, I waste 1/2 an hour every week doing nothing! That translates to 2 hours a month, 24 hours a year!! Which means, 1 day of this year, I will be doing nothing but waiting for my clothes to get washed! Owww, what a waste!!

After doing causal analysis of this, I decided I should find ways to do effective utilization of this time. That is the exact reason why I am writing this blog :), so what you just read where the thoughts of a man as he waits for his clothes ...

Beep ... 1/2 an hour over, time to put my clothes to dry.... :) !!

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