Monday, September 18, 2006


There goes my weekend... 2 days of fun.

I am blessed with a friend circle so big that we could put the entire Indian Parliament to shame. My stay in Uncle Sam's land would have been really boring, if not for them.

Before I get starry eyed and break down into a song about them, let me change the topic!!

Most of my friends thought that I had a very Victorian dressing style, and they forced me to buy some shirts for myself over the weekend. Making me buy clothes is like making a dog have a bath. I am a big spender when it comes to electronic gadgets. But the moment you take me to a cloth store, I try to run as far away from it, as I can.

Let me justify. I have a size which keeps on growing exponentially every year. So at the start of the year, I take into consideration the inflation (of my tummy that is!) and then buy tents, that will fit me through out the year. Now, I restrict my choice of tents to just 3 basic colors Brown, Black and Grey. That makes me look dull and boring.

Now, I have always believed that what you wear should reflect what you are! Considering that the only animated conversation that I can carry out with some one is about the capacity of my car engine and the gas mileage that it gives me, I find it appropriate to dress in dull colors as a warning for people approaching me!

Anyways, I succumbed to their pressure tactics, and bought a few bright tents this time around. Thanks to Deepak for helping me out! Now you are gonna see me in Deepak's choice for one more year ;) !!

By the way, let me remind you, I still will talk about my car engine with you... Dont expect me to talk (interesting) like him. Thats a tall order for me now.


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