Saturday, September 23, 2006

Smileys and me

Hi there subscribers!! How are ya??

I know, by now most of you must have noticed that I have this bad habit of using a lot of emoticons in my blogs. Almost all my sentences have to end in a :) or a :( or a :P.

Let me explain...

I belong to a generation which grew up watching TV shows like Seinfield, Friends, That 70s show etc. And we have been conditioned to laugh only when we listen to canned laughter in the background. I have been so conditioned to laugh, that if they give a canned laughter soundtrack to a documentary on the deforestation of Amazon (I am talking bout the jungles you technophile!) I might laugh my heart out, not realizing that it aint a comedy :( !

All said and done, I have to put a smiley in my blog everywhere I think I should be laughing (like here :) !!). Considering that my jokes aren't really witty, it becomes all the more important that I indicate to my reader that it was supposed to be a joke :) !!

Now for all of you who are reading this blog between your washing and drying cycle, go count the number of times I have used emoticons in my last blogs :P !!!

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