Sunday, June 1, 2014


Long time readers of my blog know that I am left-handed. Being left handed has it’s own quirks and inconveniences that we lefties never complain or whine about. If you are oblivious, I would recommend you go check these few links out.

So, next time when we catch up for dinner don’t think I am rude cause I choose my own seat. It’s just because I don’t wanna keep bumping elbows into you while eating. And being lefty also makes it clumsy for me to use phones, scissors, tin can openers, computer numeric keypads, spiral books, desks and all the other things that right handed people never even notice. And if you wish to see a list of all the things that are inconvenient for us to use, you should check this store “exclusively for left-handed people”.

My general experience with Asian hospitality has been quite positive. However, yesterday was a weird case. I went for this Indian buffet run by an old uncle during rush hour. The ladle kept to take the curries from the vessels were arranged such that they were convenient for right handed people to take. Now, I don’t really mind the way they are kept, I am used to the righty-centric view of the world. Just that after taking my portion I accidentally kept it in a way that a left-handed person would keep. (Imagine how you would take curry from a vessel if you were right handed. Now change your hand and imagine how you would take if it’s your left hand)

Buffet for the right-handed

The old uncle who was standing behind the counter got all ballistic on me. He accused me of slowing down the chain and making it inconvenient for other people! How rude. Though it was completely unintentional, I meekly apologized and walked on.

Only later when I thought about the incident I realized that it was because I was a lefty that I kept the ladle that way, and I inconvenienced the right-handed world. I realized I am a minority and even I am unknowingly ostracized against. Sigh. Life is tough! Lefties of the world – please unite!


  1. :) Girish, you must have noticed that when food is served in Indian restaurants they keep small plate on left side to serve Roti. Now it must be more convenient for you to eat when Roti is on left side and glass of water on right side. But for right-handed person like me it becomes difficult.
    Now if you ask me about usage of Ladle, we should be using the handle which we don't use for eating. So, I normally use left hand. The simple reason is that if I am eating with right hand then it will be dirty with food that I had. So while handing ladle it makes sense to use my left hand so that even other people can use it later on. However if all people are using Fork and spoon then they can use whichever hand they want. But that should not cause any problem to others in line.

    1. I agree :) But the first time when you take food, you tend to use your right hand. The place I went, people only take food one time. So the uncle was angry with me :)

  2. Next time punch whoever bothers you about your anything you did cause it comes to you as a lefty....cause your a lefty they will never see it coming ;)