Monday, July 21, 2008

My language problem

I agree, I have an accent. An Indian accent. To be very precise a Maharashtrian English Accent. "You understand me no?" But this accent has survived me through malls, job interviews, customer service phone calls, and of course client interaction in the United States and greater part of India.

Yesterday I went to a mall in Singapore looking for a blanket/comforter/quilt. The lady at the counter just refused to understand what I was trying to buy. I drew it down for her, I told her in the slowest way possible and I even wrote it down. I had reached to the extent of showing her a superhero and pointing her at his cloak. Finally after half an hour of explaining (which involved singing and dancing as well!), she figured what I wanted (or I thought so!), and got me something packed in a plastic bag from her shop. Just to be sure I tried to open it and the lady gave me the most gruesome stare and went "Nooooooooooooo" till she almost lost her breath. Trusting that all's well I came home, only to find that she had given me a ... curtain.

Now curtain it is that I use to comfort myself every night.


  1. Buy new comforter..this time with proper accent ( k`u m f ur t u r)and use that curtain for ur laptop. :P
    If u don't get the joke ask Bill Gates:D

  2. Ya ya, Bill Gates = Microsoft, Microsoft = Windows and Windows need curtains :) !!!

    I can decipher your jokes ;) !!

  3. In singapore malls, dont u select stuff urself and put it int he trolley?
    hope u aint covering ur own supidity under the garb of accent and stuff :-).

    And did u say u drew and danced and sang???? I am glad that hte woman took out her wrath by onli handing u the curtain... KInd hearted and tolerant she must have been!!! :-)

  4. :) Lovely..

    See.. we can still see the same 'you' and u can also read same 'our' comments..

    so..!! distance will not matter dude..

    Take care and keep enjoying - very much necessary!

  5. Are they so rude not to accept returns? Does the receipt say 'ekda vikalela maal parat getala jaanar nahi'.. :-)

  6. I didnt try going back for a return. Anyways I wouldnt be able to explain what is wrong :) !!

  7. Man, May be you shud have demonstrated the entire thing to her a.ka. slept on the floor and then shivered with cold and then pretended to cover urself with a blanket.

    I guess the issue here is that you must have been the first guy to ask for a comforter for singapore climate. The only thing you wud need there is a curtain to save urself from the sun. Thats what she gave you .. You wudnt need a comforter there in the night. Infact you shud b sleeping "Full Monty".

  8. Solid Buddy !!

    You know ...I always wanted to pay you back for all the ABAP help you have done to me...

    Enjoy madi !!

  9. ROFL!!!!!!!!! i laughed so loud that my parents came in to ask what happened...hahahahahha...