Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cheapskate ergonomics

I wanted to invest in a sit-stand computer desk but looking at the ridiculous prices and my unpredictable place of residence, I decided not to invest in one at this time.

My quest for healthy living however continues. And now I have figured out a cheaper way of adjusting the computer monitor (in my case it’s a Laptop screen) to be at a height that keeps my neck and eyesight straight without causing any strain.

The investment? Well, buy a good keyboard and mouse. I bought the Microsoft Comfort Curve (Yeah it works with Ubuntu). But I am sure any keyboard would do. Get a shoe-box or old directories (or anything that you can use to place your laptop on!). And viola, you managed to elevate your monitor. Cheap, reliable and good for a healthy living!

I got a New Balance shoe box. Yeah probably they would have never thought the box could “balance” something “new” this way. And the added advantage? You can hide all your bundles of wires inside the box to give your desk a minimalist look.

My Desktop Setup


  1. So what are you doing with the shoes that were in the box ???

    1. I have kept them inside, just in case the computer wishes to run faster.

  2. A glimpse of tidiness. Loved the way u have tried to hide it though. Somewhere inside you.. definitely is a cleanliness freak. A combination of Monica(from Friends) and Sheldon Cooper (from big bang theory)

  3. hahaha.. great idea.. I guess its time for me to go and buy some new shoes ;)

  4. Ferragamo shoe boxes will work better? Or they don't balance as well as New Balance? :D