Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have been blindly buying this brand of eggs that had this “Lower Cholesterol” claim boldly posted on its top. Well, as you may expect, they are almost twice as expensive as the other local brands that are available. After close to a year of regularly buying these eggs, I recently decided to “investigate” how much more cholesterol do the cheaper varieties of eggs contain.


This time around when I went to replenish the eggs at home, I casually looked at the “Lower Cholesterol” eggs calorie content. It is 318mg per 100g. As for the local normal eggs? Well they are at 320mg per 100g. Considering the way this entire nutrition label mess is actually calculated, 2mg difference is not only just a negligible difference but also it could be a rounding error.

Normal Egg Packaging

I am aghast and I feel tricked. I shall be more careful reading nutrition labels going forward and not just buy fancy looking stuff in the supermarket. Aren’t we all just slaves of pretty?

Nutrition Comparison

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