Sunday, July 1, 2007


Long time no see .. 1 month to be precise :) !!

Yeah, I came to tell you guys that I am hibernating. Its winter over here on the North Pole and all of us (I mean the Polar bears) have gone into hibernation. I can hear my next door neighbor snoring peacefully. I just got up to have a glass of water, so I thought I say hi to my readers.

This by no way means that I have stopped blogging. I shall write again when I am more wide awake and can make my gray cells blurt something out for me. My blog shall remain inactive for another 2 weeks. So hold on till 8th of July.

Thanks for your patience!! And here is something fun for you..

If you like action movies:

If you fall for cute photos:

If you are a controversy theorist:

Goodnight sweet dreams!!


  1. we will be eagerly waiting for your post hibernation blog...:)

  2. Life me kitna bada break from blogging ...

    losing on readers buddy...
    come on... Get the 'Come back'