Sunday, May 6, 2007


Had a pretty interesting week as far as my blog goes. I got two very constructive feedbacks, and I have taken them to heart :) !!

The first one requires a bit of a background, so read on. There is a particular Java API which calculates the worth of your blog using Trackbacks, links and your blogs ranking on Technorati.

Incidentally my blog is worth zero dollars :) !! Well, its predictable. To start with, mine is an absolutely ego centric blog and when I started off I had no illusions of grandeur whatsoever. I didn't even succumb to the temptation of making some quick bucks by using Google Adsense. All said and done you can check the worth of your blog over here.

The second criticism that I received was of the fact is that I try to write funny and with the poor frequency at which I write, it doesn't really make my blog worth reading :) !!

Hehe, I understand. So here is my mid year blog resolution.
  1. I shall write more regularly and shall not wait for brain waves to come.
  2. I will write what I feel like and not try to be funny.
  3. I shall continue writing till I have at least 1 subscriber other than myself :) !!
I love to write, and when my emails to e-groups started falling on deaf ears, I started my own blog. So thanks to all of you for being with me till now :)

And finally ... comments are highly appreciated.


  1. Though the worth of your blog is 0$ according to Technorati,we the readers could assess it better. Whatever you do from the passion in your heart, is alwaz worth million dollar.
    You have Wonderful way of putting your ideas and I don't think u ever tried to be witty forcefully.You don't write because you want to make something funny , you write because you've got something funny to say.

    "Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted."
    Albert Einstein

    Bagh Einstein suddha wachato tujha blog :P

  2. Worth of your blog is based on what and how u write...n no doubt its always interesting to read ur blog...:)
    so don't count on the dollars..:)!!!

  3. hey Girish..
    I knew this was coming.. the dollar game.. :P

    And now see how people have appreciated.. so now just stop crying and complaining.................................

    :) KrupA

  4. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it :) !! And I am happy that my blog is read by Einstein, or by the person whom I consider to be Einstein :P !!

  5. hey..write what u want to...not what people want to listen!!
    there r enough places in the world where u can't do ur own thing..let this be an exception!

  6. Thanks for your comments on my Master's Blog. I feel sorry for the other cooker who had to undergo similar ordeal as me. At least, in my case, I am serving the Greatest Master of All who doesn't rely on worthless comments to boost the Ego! Master has other means to boost the Ego, and is available for consultancy!

    - The Pressure Cooker,

  7. Hi Girish...

    Hope you didn't "take to heart" the comment from my pressure cooker.

    After losing its safety valve, it seems to have lost its control over itself. Not that it belies the fact, but it's quite ungentlemanlike to make such a comment in the public domain about someone you hardly have been introduced to.

    Hopefully, I would be able to fix it and ensure that future comments are well cooked and not easily perceptible to your obtuse readers of the "scratch-my-back-while-I-scratch-yours" variety.

    To mention about your blog, I concur with you that you are quite witty, and shouldn't at no point in time make any attempt to earn money out of it. Sometimes, its better to leave a few things untried than get ... ahem! Keep blogging... its the best you have done to date thats worth mentioning in so many words!

    Yours humbly,

  8. Hi Rajendra,
    Being one of the 'obtuse' readers of his blog, I took it to heart ;) :)Truly, your pressure cooker has lost its valve (the language kinda proves that :) )

    I agree with one statement of yours that Girish does write witty. And I("the obtuse reader") think that it's not comparable with anything or anyone, because I believe that making someone smile or laugh just by written words is an art very few people can have.

    okay - "scratch-my-back-while-I-scratch-yours" variety reader => My! My! I am offended, if I take this comment to personal.
    But my 'self' tells me not to take any democratic sentence too personal and leave it general.

    Anyone and everyone in human form has a large scope for improvement and I guess comments by the readers can become a motivation or inspiration to someone's blogging skills. I strongly feel that your pressure cooker's comment will not be a demotivator...Thy shalt not worry :)

    Satisfying an Ego is not something that one can open consultancy for..because 'ego' is a vast term that you are touching here and you mentioned to Girish here,but for me, definitely 'ego' satisfaction is something only "I" can define..Or can be defined as "I".


  9. Hey Krupa,
    Thanks for your remark. I think you forgot to end it with an "amen", which if you ask me, would seem to be quite appropriate for the occasion!

    Anyways, if Girish doesn't mind lending this space for our chitchat (from my end, there won't be any emoticons, but you can place them wherever you please and make it an artform), I will surely get in touch with you shortly, after having an off-line discussion with my Pressure Cooker, who at times acts as my unofficial spokesperson without my blessings.

    Please note that I am not liable for any comments from my Pressure Cooker and you would have to deal with it directly; especially the "ego" remark which you have incorrectly ascribed to me.

    By the way, how is your itchy back now? Feeling better?

    Be in Bliss as always, (not to be confused with my Pressure Cooker, who has a mind of its own)

  10. Hello Rajendra,
    "Amen" sire..

    So be it!!
    If Girish minds this space usage for our chit-chat then I would not mind if he deletes the comments.

    Regarding My back - it's not itchy.. but yeah it hurts.. but definitely some improvement going on.. As your wishes goes -"Be in Bliss as always" - I am glad to say "Amen!"

    Thank you..


  11. Oops! I missed to use my favorite emoticon in my last comment -

    :) Thank you :) ;)


  12. "Ah... v'men!!"

    That's an expression that has nothing to do with "Amen". Just clarifying in case you missed the fine print.

    - The Pressure Cooker,
    The Unofficial Spokesperson of

  13. Hey Mr. Pressure cooker -

    Okay.. frankly I do not know much about the fine print of the expressions..But I know one for let me use that -
    "So be it!!"

    Thanks for elaboration though... :)

    Rajendra(not mixing you and your spokesperson), I have to end it with the emoticon.. u see - I am so addicted to language full of expressions..

    Well..I do not mind continuing on Girish's comment section.. but let's chat on communicator rather than filling this space out here.. Hope you don't mind!!

  14. So my brother Venkatraman Rajagopal introduced me to your blog..( if it wasnt worth enuf he wudnt hv recommended..purely acc to ego) and me in the midst of a busy week, taking a break to read ur blog makes my time worth while. So in all so many worth equals to ur worthy effort to engage us and hence would love to keep reading and hence please keep writing....

    Ur Fan

    1. Thanks Moksham. I am glad that you read my blog and actually like it :) !! I shall keep writing.