Friday, July 20, 2007

I am back

I guess I needed that someone to come and kick my butt to get me started writing again. Thanks "anonymous" for the comment...

Well, I was supposed to be back more than a week before out of my hibernation. But you know that technology called "snooze" in our alarm clocks nowadays? Well, thats the culprit why I got soo late in getting up. I think the guy who invented the first alarm clock with the snooze functionality is completely responsible for millions of people coming in late to office everyday and also for lost productivity and for bears like me for getting up late out of hibernation and delaying writing blogs :) . I live up to my moniker -- The God of Procrastination.

That reminds me, I just recently came across two clocks that take snoozing to the next level. The first one is an amazing piece of invention which actually flies off the moment it starts ringing. To stop the alarm, you actually have to fetch the piece that flew away and put it back in the base. Check this link out ..

Hmm, nothing has been happening in my life lately. Just have been eating out a LOT. Have completely stopped cooking, and have been chasing the clock most of the times. Sometimes you want to escape your routine only to find later that it is difficult to get back on track again.

By the way, this hibernation thing has really got me thinking. Have you humans ever wondered how peaceful this world really would have been had the human race hibernated 3-6 months each year? There would be no wars (you cant expect to pick up a war from the same place, 6 months after all the soldiers have woken up out of their sleep!! I can't even remember where I left my wallet after I get up from sleep :) !!), also we would have found a permanent solution to a billion other things starting with global warming, oil prices, and finally population explosion (I bet you wouldn't want me to get into explaining that :P !!). Guys like me would have grown a beard soo long in 6 whole months that I could sell ropes to make ship anchors for the rest of the year. Man, people would swear by my keratin rich ropes, and all ships would prefer the "Girish" brand of ropes!! Enuf said.

Before I sign off for today, wanted you guys to know that I was watching "Shall we dance" *ing Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. Nice movie, got me all in the mood to dance. Which incidentally will happen to be the topic for my next blog.


  1. I want moreeeee.., "I am back" gave an impression that you are back. But doesn't look like anymore.

    Where is Girish? Where is the blogger in him gone? Is he that busy that he can not write just two posts per week? Write anything, write techie, not a problem. Just be yourself here..

    I don't think I am asking more.. Am I?

  2. You will get moreee ... I have this pressure on myself to write :), so I shall write through thick and thin ... :P