Sunday, June 3, 2007

Treat and eat

Have you guys ever wondered that the only way that we please someone, other than giving them gifts is by taking them out for a lunch or a dinner? This is what we term as a treat. The literal definition of "treat" on Wiktionary is "To entertain with food or drink"!!

Isn't it weird? If a person is already over weight and diet conscious how in the world are you going to entertain him/her by stuffing with loads of fat rich food? Or for that matter, if the host is fat and overweight how do you expect him to be happy treating you out to food and eating along with you? Its my honest opinion that depending on the physical wellbeing of the host or the person that you want to "entertain" you should call that person out for a healthy workout in the gym, or better still take him/her out for a walk. This way you will end up spending quality time with that person and at the same time, "entertain".

This blog post came out of my upset tummy which has been fed outside almost everyday for the entire last week, to "treat" other people :)!! Next time onwards I have decided to treat people by talking them out for a walk on the Iron Horse Trail

On a related note, the cuisines that are grumbling in my stomach right now are:
Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean. Unity in diversity in my stomach. Reminds me of this song...

1 comment:

  1. I don't want Iron Horse Trail Treat, pleaseeeee..
    I hope you kidding!?! If not, I'll have to take care next time when you call for a treat.