Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to spot an Indian?

Hello readers!! Sorry for the barrage of emotionally charged blogs that I wrote for a couple of weeks. I am back again to being stupid like always :) !! Hmm, I bet many of you heaved a sigh of relief.

Well, well, 'nuff said. Lets get back to work. I have been studying fellow Indians in malls and gyms and else where, and here I have listed a few of my observations. Note that even I follow all of these things religiously :) !!

  1. Drives around in a Honda or a Toyota. (That's not true, we also drive a Hyundai or a Nissan :))
  2. Does not buy any electronics unless s/he finds them in a deal.
  3. Stands outside Circuit City or Fry's at 3:00AM for the day after Thanksgiving Sale.
  4. Talks with a heavy nasal accent which sounds as if s/he is down with a cold.
  5. S/he puts more sugar and milk in the coffee, than the coffee itself!
  6. Gives you a blank stare if you are an Indian, gives a cheek-to-cheek smile otherwise!
  7. If an Indian approaches and smiles at another unknown Indian, then he is for sure in a Multi-level Marketing Scheme. Runnnn....
  8. Pays off all the credit card bills on time and keeps zero credit exposure.
  9. Refers to Wikipedia for anything s/he doesn't understand. It's our no nonsense survival guide in the US of A.


  1. Nah!! I don't think so. I hardly fall in one or two categories.

    I think these are just your characteristics :P not others' :)

  2. I agree. These are my characteristics more than anyone else. Especially the Wikipedia one :) !!

  3. So Let the title of the post be "How to Spot Girish?" :P

    Kindly Du naat generalieeezee!!

  4. Ha ha I drive a Toyota Camery, and always have paid my credit card bills on time. and then they wonder why Indians are so successful (lol)

  5. Ok!! So finally I find someone who agrees with me :) !! See .. I knew we have it in our blood ;)