Wednesday, May 23, 2007

War and Peace

I couldn't stop myself from posting this particular blog.

I couldn't sleep over the last spate of comments that I got on my blog titled Worthless. Somebody actually proved to me that I am worthless, that I use a lot of smileys in my blog, make a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes and generally I ain't good for anything.

But I guess, I know that already, and I don't think I am gonna change. So I decided to continue writing with a vengeance :) !! Also I am not gonna stop using smileys cause those cute little creatures make me happy. I know my writing is not gonna change the world, but this is the only hobby that I have.

So I wish myself, all the very best and move on. I guess my blog is facing some midlife crises.

And before I end , I have taken Siddharth's comment to heart which said " hey..write what u want to...not what people want to listen!! there r enough places in the world where u can't do ur own thing..let this be an exception!"

Thank you! For me, I am still the center of MY universe :) !!


  1. Apologeeeeeeez. :(

    Jeezuz Chrisht! :) I dint know that u cud take to heart my comments, especially after havin an offline discussion with u... :( ... I think, we need to continue more of our offline chats!

    Please be with ur Universe... we all are... and we meet at intersections... only to befriend and boost each others' morale... there is no such thing as worthlessness for, to decide the worth, one has to compare; but we happen to be "individuals" bringing our own flavorful perspectives to things around us... so never ever get demoralised... keep ur passion up!

    At least, a positive from this exchange of ideas has been that now u hav got an impetus to continue wot u r doing! Be with that, and sense the glory within yourself! Enjoy your own Being, and wait not for the world to admire!

    Wishing you all the best for your Blissful State, and Blissful Writings...
    Do keep in touch,
    Rajendra, and the Pressure Cooker, in unison! :)

  2. Thanks Rajendra :) !!

    Your comments inspired me, and this one made me feel better :) !!

    Happy to see that you have used emoticons too....

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  4. When you live with folks like roomie#1 and roomie#2 and look like this, then cryptic symbols like :) ;) are redundant!

    By the way, I suggest you not to watch horror movies at night! But then, laws from my Universe aren't valid in yours...

    Keep smiling...!

    Note: I had to delete and rewrite the comment because the links were incorrect in the earlier one!