Friday, July 28, 2006

Yellow Stickies!

When I say Post-It Notes, I refer to the ubiquitous yellow stickies that have been made soo famous by the name of the Company that made it first! Just like Pepsi, Xerox or our very own Google!

Well, there is this certain thing about Post-It notes that makes them really fun to use! If you have to give a short casual message to someone, you don't end up typing it up and sending an email. You just walk up to that person to talk. And if he/she isn't in her cubicle, you write it down on a Post-It and there it sits cutely awaiting the intended recipient!

Now the weirdo I am, I love to collect such small personal messages that people leave at my desk. (Well, this single sentence of mine conveys many things .. 1) I am really busy and in meetings all the time so I am not at my place OR 1) I have really no work, and I am never at my place just trying to kill time. 2) I am very important so many people come to talk to me OR 2) I am known to be a guy with no work, and people come to me to kill time :) !!)

I have a big private collection of the very best sticky notes that I have ever got, and just added another one to my prized collection today :) !!

Back to work...

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  1. U can plan to use them to make ur Samba dress ;)