Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday morning rants!

Being a Software Engineer, Sunday mornings are always bad for me. Bad because, they signify the last morning of your two-day weekend. When you get up you know that its the last day you can get up soo late!

All the same, Sunday mornings are the only time that I get to sit online and do stuff online that I otherwise don't do over the week. (Well before you come up with some real wild guesses ;) ... its just 1) Check my orkut scrapbook 2) Chat on the messenger!)

Well, today doing the second thingie (that's chat!), I ended up chatting with my room-mate (yupp the guy who lives in the same apartment as I do). Yaa, we do chat online too, though it would have been really easy for us to make our vocal chords make noises and reach each other! But thats technology, and we have to use it right??

So, in the course of our discussion, we came across this particular song "Kashmakash" by "Alms for Shanti" that we both kinda liked, and hadn't heard since it was broadcast on TV some 4 years back. The techie that he is, my roomie fetched that song from somewhere online and I am listening to it right now! (On second thoughts, shall I say he googled it. It's an official verb now, and we can use it, can't we? ;) !!)

We are ordering the CD from Amazon, the song is too good. I do not know how many of you have really heard it. So I thought I give it space on my otherwise unused/unread blog..

Here is the link...

Now me goes back to being the sad old soul that I have recently become over the last few years :) !!!

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