Monday, July 24, 2006

What the heck is "GMUZ"??

For those of you who have gone through the routine of getting a username on a popular website, you understand what exactly I am talking about when I say "I couldn't get an username, like I wanted it to be!".

I mean, the simple guy that I am (hehe!), I was looking for a girish, girishm etc. etc. But, my dear mom and dad never thought about all these problems ( I mean the problem of getting a unique user name) when I was born, and they chose to name me the mundane "Girish". Now Girish I am, and Girish I will be! (Yaa, I was thinking of becoming a puff-diddy, but somehow it didnt go down well with my last name you see ;) !!)

Now gmuz, is that "you-love-it-or-you-hate-it but you-have-to-use-it!" kind of thingie that got stuck to me some two years back. Can't reveal the details of why, where or how, but then, I have been using it as my identification for long now!

So I thought that I will use it as my blogspot domain too. Now let me warn you, I ain't facinated by that id, so please refrain from calling me "gmuz" :) !!


  1. Dude you are amazing! I need to learn time mgmt skills from you. Given ur busy schedule, you got time to maintain a blog!

    Your Friend,

    PS: I got the CD.

  2. hey gmuz... i mean, mundane girish...

    congrats on starting a blog... its a good beginning.... and Hello World is a good start... sooner or later u will shrink it to Hello MySelf, if u kno wot I mean (refer: prabhu-i-am....) :)

    just an fyi (as i kno u r fond of improving ur english), "an username" is incorrect... you have to use the article 'a' for user/username... it goes with the pronunciation (you-zer)... which starts with a non-vowel sound (y). Corollary to that would be for words which are pronounced starting with a vowel sound, such as "an fyi". Now the question would be whether to say "a SAP programmer" or "an SAP programmer" (it would depend on whether you spell the letters in SAP or pronounce it as one word)...

    Wishin u all the best for ur future bloggin dayz...