Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lame reasons

So I managed to disappear for more than 5 months from blogging last year. Besides the usual excuses of - lazy, no mood, no time, writer's block, blah blah - one of the major reasons why I stopped blogging was - Windows Live Writer.

As ironic as it may seem, my favorite tool to write blogs was the reason I couldn't write them anymore. Windows Live Writer is not available for Windows 10, and there apparently are no plans from Microsoft to continue the product. There were rumors that Microsoft would open-source it. But I haven't read anything new. This happens to be a repeat of the emotions I went through when Google pulled the plug on the Google Reader.

Anyway since the beginning of this year, I have started writing into the online composing option of Blogger, and this is the result. So not much difference for you, but some learning curve for me.

In the short 10 years that I have been using Software in my daily life 4 products have died on me:

Microsoft Money - I replaced it with GnuCash
Google Reader - I replaced it with Feedly
Windows Live Writer - I replaced it with the Blogger online compose option
TrueCrypt - Haven't found a reliable replacement yet

I am sure there will be a lot many more deaths in years to come. Learning never stops!

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