Friday, February 19, 2016

Overwork from Home

In the decade+ years of work that I have put in my life, I have hardly ever worked from home. I have supported remotely, worked at a customer's place but have generally never been away from my colleagues working alone from a place of residence.

For some reason, I had to do that for a week last month, and it was a stressful experience. Now let me qualify first. We are a very lean organization. Absolutely everyone of us is over worked. So the physical location doesn't really matter as everyone has tonnes of action items and deliverables pending. My management is not into micro-managing us and nor do I micro-manage the people I am responsible for.

Anyway, there is this unknown pressure on me (guilt maybe) that I have to over deliver and be more productive if I am at home. All the 5 days I put in more than 12 hours of work a day (skipping meals) and starting at 07:00 AM in the morning cause I was working across time zones. The entire experience has left me exhausted and I dread working from home again.

Being at a workplace, you take breaks, you chit-chat with colleagues and generally have a lower stress level than being all by yourself. I can only imagine how people pull-off work from homes this regularly.

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