Monday, February 1, 2016

Fall from grace

I have had a carry-on bag from a certain company (let's call it (S)) since 2004. It's quite worn out now, but it stood the test of time and traveled with me absolutely everywhere I went for more than a decade. I loved it a lot and decided that when I retire it, I would go with a (S) again. So, last year, I got a replacement (S). This new one (though quite expensive for my pay-scale!) didn't last me even the first trip. The wheels are all wobbly and it is very difficult to drag around on airport carpets.

However, I can understand one-off products can have defects and I forgave (S). I needed a new back-pack and I decided to go again with a (S). This laptop back-pack gave away yesterday. The handle tore less than a year of using it. Now, I am very disappointed.

I don't think it is appropriate for me to shame the brand. I am sure they have millions of other satisfied customers (like I was before) and me getting 2 defective products back-to-back is just my bad luck.

However, I just feel that as a company, you work hard to build your reputation. And then you deliver on it (the way they did with the first bag that I bought back in 2004). But later, cost pressures and other strategic initiatives come in the way of delivering your core brand promise. And you start cutting corners. May be by low cost manufacturing or by reducing the steps in your quality assurance process. Whatever is the case, once a customer is disappointed, you lose them forever. I probably won't give them a 3rd chance with my hard earned money.

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