Saturday, March 8, 2014

Walk of shame

I don’t understand commercial aircrafts at all. I am like a redneck when I take flights. For me there are just 3 types of aircrafts – small, big, bigger. I haven’t yet had the chance to sit in the biggest. But I know there exists one. So if it’s small, it means I can’t sleep cause the seats are too cramped up. If it’s big, then I can sleep a bit (probably on my co-passenger’s shoulder). And if it’s bigger then I can get a good night’s sleep. Not as comfortable as sleeping on a bed, but I can at least recline my seat and catch a few decent winks for my day ahead.

Now, I have also noticed that in the small and big aircrafts, (assuming I am sitting near the front of the aircraft) I am let in from the front door. Now problem with this is the moment I enter, I get into the part of the plane that is reserved for the ultra-rich and the super-rich types. And airlines generally let these kinds in first. So the moment I enter, I feel like they give us all (the economy class travellers) a condescending look. The kind that says “You mere mortal, I look down upon you!”

Then they proceed to show their ultra luxurious seat/ living room complete with a bed, a sofa, a home entertainment system and other stuff that I don’t even recognize. Once they are done showing, then they sip on the ultra-rare wine made from the rarest of rare grapes found on this planet centuries ago. And then they let out a hush stretch their legs and settle down in their throne.

We the economy classes then scuttle past them with our head hung low. Holding on to our meagre belongings we make ourselves scarce and go hide in our corner seat/ rabbit hole, never to disturb the royals again. Sigh. I dread this walk of shame every time I get into those aircrafts. Can the airlines please not let us through this ordeal?

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  1. Don't be daft would the ultra elite know they are better if it isnt for the ultra an ecosystem we all have a this case ours is to be the nerdy indian looking person who travels coach..:)