Saturday, March 29, 2014

Imagining Earth

On weekends, I love to travel. But considering the limited amount of resources I have (time and money) my travelling is severely constrained. That means, I have figured out a way to travel around the world literally sitting on my couch. Now before I reveal my secret let me tell you something about me.

My type of travelling involves going around the city and admiring its architecture and history in general. Now, when you actually physically travel to a place, though you can admire the architecture, the history bit can only be obtained off the internet. However, when you travel to a city on the internet, not only can you admire the architecture, but also, you can learn about its history.

So without further adieu, let me introduce to you, my favorite travel companion of all times – Google Earth. Of all the amazing products that Google has produced this one somehow gets a bit of less limelight.

Let’s say, early Saturday morning, I get the sudden urge to visit the Gateway of India in Mumbai. A few clicks and aha, I am there … standing in front of the Gateway in all its glory with the Taj Mahal hotel in its background.

Gateway of India

Obviously, that reminds me of the real Taj Mahal in Agra and I go there to see….

Taj Mahal

Once I am done seeing that I think of visiting the Queen. Obviously I need to fly and take a train. Here I am waiting outside the Victoria station in London, waiting to walk down to the Buckingham Palace.

Victoria Station

Then I feel the need to visit Hollywood Boulevard to check out the Chinese Theatre, and here I am standing in front of it in all its glory.

Chinese Theatre

I know where this is going. You gonna tell me, nothing beats seeing it in real life. Pictures are not a substitute. I agree, but while you work your a$$ off trying to save on all the money you need to go to these places when you are old (and hopefully healthy), no one is stopping you from flying there today, right this moment and virtually walking around on the street. You can also go in the wrong direction on the highways and no one is even gonna bother you!

So take my advice, travel regularly. Use Google earth everyday.

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