Sunday, March 16, 2014

Keep In Touch

Once in a blue moon I get this Facebook note or an email from a long lost friend chiding me of not keeping in touch. I obviously reply, apologize and resolve to be in touch and then the email goes into oblivion for eternity.

Keeping in touch is like a handshake (banal example I know). It’s an activity in which either party has to put in equal effort for it to be meaningful. So if you get all upset on me cause I haven’t “had the time” to keep in touch with you, then may be you should try getting in touch as well.

And before you conclude, I do occasionally think of you. I do get nostalgic about all the good times we had together. And of course, I always remember you on your birthday. So next time when you write to me, do sign-off saying “We keep in touch”, so that we share the responsibility.


  1. Nice way to slip in that your b'day is not far away....and to add...boooo..booo Girish you never are sooo have forgotten about ol and and so forth

    1. :) Yo. That was not my plan. But now that you say it, yeah I am busy and please remember my birthday :P !!