Saturday, July 30, 2011

Internet Amnesia

Just read an article about how the internet is making us lose our memory. Now along with making me dumb, it is also the chief cause of memory loss (that reminds, what exactly I am writing about? Ahem, I forgot already!).

I have another thing to blame on the internet. Specifically on social networking sites. Facebook took away the charm of remembering birthdays. I used to painstakingly remember the birthdays of all my friends and wish them just so that I could make them feel good on their special day. Then Facebook came along and took away all the fun. Now everyday when I login, Facebook shouts, today is Ms Y’s birthday, go wish her!!

Now, everyday I wish a 100 people a very impersonal – “Happy birthday! Have a great day!”. Call me old, but I still miss the charm of receiving a physical card with a thoughtfully written message from my friends on my birthday. Which reminds me, just because I decided not to reveal my birthday on Facebook, most of my friends have decided that I am born no more and I have no birthdays.

Anyways, why the rant you ask? Well well, I forgot to wish a very close friend of mine on his birthday. And I have been feeling bad since then. Figured, if I blame the social networking sites, I will feel a bit better.

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