Saturday, July 16, 2011


How to spot I have been bumming around and being lazy without doing anything at all? If you answer – by looking at my messy room – you are absolutely wrong. My room is always messy. I believe in the school of thought that says “Why should I clean my room when its going to be messy again?”

The only thing that I religiously clean every once in a while is my feed reader. Last month I have been ignoring it as well. Its soo messy now that there is no practical way for me to go through all the blog posts that are unread. Imagine! Even my favourite tech blogs – Engadget and TechCrunch have been lying unread for way too long.


Huh. That's why I need (its not a “want”, its a “need”) to be on the internet every single day. Now I have decided to do the inevitable. I am going to clear all unread blog posts in my feed reader without knowing what they ever contained. Imagine – more than a month of tech news, silicon valley gossips, takeovers, lawsuits and juicy unboxing videos will never be read. I shall never know the secrets behind Google +, the availability of Skype in Facebook and the product launches that happened in June and July 2011. Tch tch, I here by strip me off my wanna-be geek title. From now I shall just be lazy and live up to my title of the “God of procrastination”.

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