Saturday, July 17, 2010

East Asian Gene

In an unprecedented development, scientists in Singapore have isolated a gene amongst East Asians that stops their aging process at age 16. The gene is supposed to stop the visible effects of aging in individuals like change in appearance and the “mature” looking face. The gene seems to mysteriously stop working its magic beyond 60 years of age. Scientists are now working to introduce this gene in other races.

Well, I just made that up. But every non- East Asian will agree with me on this one. People here don’t seem to age. They just all look 16 years old ( I am lying – some do look close to 18, but I guess that's about it). Then for the next 40 odd years they look the same. So if you bump into a 15 something “looking” person on the public transit don’t just assume he/she is just in high school. They very well might have kids that age.

And why did I have to write this up on my blog? Well, I just realized that since last week, I have become the leading authority on Wasabi for the Brazilians. Google Brazil has been redirecting awfully lot of traffic from Brazil to my Blog post for people’s queries on Wasabi. I wonder what the Brazilians think when they read that lame post on Wasabi. And I also wonder why suddenly soo many people are searching for Wasabi in Brazil after the FIFA World cup.

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So going forward, I am the leading authority on East Asian genes (if there is one :) !!). We anyways tend to trust what we read on the internet even if it is written by someone who has no clue what a gene is.


  1. hahaha, funny.

    So next time I wanna feel young, I should just ask you "how old do I look?"